Saturday, 19 November 2016

Discover the Napa wine country in Anthony Tornambe’s way

When it’s about deciding where to spend our vacations, we get confused sometimes. You always search for a place that can give you a full fun package. One such place is California's beautiful Napa Valley. It is famous around the world for its wineries and vineyards. And this is one of the reasons why Anthony Tornambe decided to plan Napa country vacation. Well, when it’s about food and drinks, how can a passionate food lover like Anthony  stay away from it.

Napa wine country is a paradise for wine enthusiasts.One can spend the vacation time touring the various wine producers, and tasting the stuff that they offer. Anthony Tornambe had a great time at tasting salon and bar Shop located inside the Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa. He enjoyed his time there, as it was a great fun and informative experience altogether. Anthony learned a lot of new things there. Well, even if it’s about wine, he would not shy away from asking questions about it being a curious person he is.

One can celebrate holidays in the most memorable setting in Napa, and experience some unique events throughout the year. It is a place that attracts various tourists from all over the world as it offers a lot of things that one love to have in his (or her) dream destination.


The beautiful Gardens

Yes, the Napa wine country is known for wine, but it’s not the only thing that it offers. There are some beautiful scenery and gardens that can make you feel awesome. Fine dining makes every meal a culinary adventure.

A plethora of dining options

You cannot keep Anthony Tornambe away from food.He will always be looking out for some restaurants or local food. Well, nothing can be a better place than Napa to explore some amazing food. Napa has been called the “Wine and Food Capital" of the US.  This is enough to arouse the interest in the passionate person like Anthony.

From a great American cheeseburger to Haute French cuisine, one can find everything here. One can witness a variety of different foodstuffs. One thing that Anthony observed is that you can find all kind of food that can suit all kinds of budgets. The prices range from budget-friendly to the lavish one. Well, he believes that the best way to find a great place to eat is to ask the locals. He is a friendly person who gets along with everyone. He met people and asked them from where he can get the best meals.

A great place to shop from

Nobody likes to go back from a vacation without picking up a few souvenirs. Anthony Tornambe also did a fair bit of shopping.Well, no trip can be concluded without a little shopping.From a small remembrance of a unique trip to some work of art or handcrafted furniture, you can find something that you will be glad to take home. Napa wine country offers many galleries and antique shops of all sizes and types.

No matter what you choose to do, the Napa Valley is sure to become a favorite destination.