Monday, 7 August 2017

Health & Fitness Tips for Busy People - Anthony Tornambe

The final segment for health and fitness for busy people is perhaps the most important as it deals with stress. Now, stress can be a great many things from the co-worker who just will not shut-up to let you do your job, your children who scream in the back seats as you commute them to school, your spouse who just does not understand you, or your boss who consistently changes the scope of your job description. It all adds up. What makes stress so damaging to the individual is that it is not a sickness with definitive symptoms. Yes, there are some indicators such as pains, headaches, fatigue, rubbing of the temples, etc. but these signs vary from person to person. It is not like the flu or a cold which tend to have definitive symptoms and a means of treatment. Yet, stress is more serious than most diseases which a person can contract. According to Richmond Hypnosis Center, 7 people die from stress and stress related illnesses every 2 seconds. Perhaps that is why stress is called the silent killer. The good news is that you do not have to remain in a stressful state. This article will show you how to reduce stress, even if you have a busy and hectic life. - Anthony Tornambe

Method One: Dealing with Hard people

Busy people often have to come in contact with people who just rub us the wrong way on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. The trick to not letting the person stress you out is to realize that people’s characters are based upon three main points:

1. Adults are generally a reflection of their upbringing
2. Past pains and experiences make people seek acceptance aggressively
3. Future aspirations define the present character of a person

Bluntly put, a person is based upon their past and where they see themselves in the future. If you are in corporate America, try to accept the fact that you are competition and be the better person. If all else fails you can take on the mentality that a professor of phycology told me “Listen, if you have a person you really cannot stand take comfort in knowing that they will (as everyone from history will prove) die one day, it is in un-escapable.” A bit morbid, I know, but if it helps you to get through the day, why not.

Method Two: Realize that everything is temporary

Now, I am not one of those that believe that everything is meaningless, but the truth of the matter is that most things in life are temporary. What does this mean for you? Well, it is rather simple. If you are stuck in a job that is stressing you out, find a new job. The world will not end because you went to a different job. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who stresses you out constantly, perhaps it is time to move on. Granted, the immediate stress may be high, but overall time will move on and you will be ok. There is a bit of solace in knowing that the stresses you have are temporary. Yes, you may have an outstanding mortgage and need to pay a bill, but once the bill is paid you are good until next month. 

Method Three: Set yourself up to de-stress

To remove stress from your life, try to minimize the negatives that you have around you. Once that is done, you need to clear your mind as much as possible. Stress primarily starts in the mind and then works its way down to the muscles, joints, bones, and heart.  While your method of relaxing may be different, here are a few by Anthony Tornambe

• Listen to soft music. While I do love some Rock, it tends to build up aggression and adrenaline which can help to feed stress
• Turn off the cellphone when you get home. If there is an emergency someone will know how to get in touch
• Roll down a window on your commute. The fresh air will do you good.
• Try to do some Yoga for 15 minutes or so a day
• Memorize a Proverb. Interestingly enough, focusing on a higher power or a higher state of awareness may help your mood and your mental state. 

A healthy Conclusion

As with other areas of this series, stress is different based upon the person. Should you find that your stress is too much to handle, seek professional health. Stress, anger, and depression have led to too many suicides, murders, and broken homes. Do not let your pride or embarrassment hinder you from getting the help you need. A long and healthy life awaits you. I do hope that these health and fitness for the busy person articles have helped.

Thanks for reading,